A Racing creation

Bipolar 383 Chev Mazda 1000

One of our more recent creations here at Southside Dyno is this rather unusual little Mazda 1000 ute. Well at least whats left of a 1000. For all intensive purposes it’s a purpose built space frame supporting a shell which resembles a Mazda. Recently you may have seen it featured in Queensland Street Car magazine. A small piece was published on its build.

It runs a four link rear end which has a firm grip on a nine inch rear end with strange internals. In front of that is a very well built power glide transmission, a five thousand rpm stall converter, pushed down the quarter mile by a 383 cubic inch Chevrolet small block running a large roller cam. Some good internals all fueled by methanol.
We were lucky enough to pick up sponsorship along the way. So far little bipolar Mazda is running mid to low tens.

So a special thanks goes out to:


Fuchs Performance Lubricants
Doncall Transport
Pro Towing

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