1jzgte s13 the secret weapon

Nissan S13 1JZGTE secret weapon

This is one of our favorite toys here at Southside Dyno.
At first glance it may just look like no-more than a 1JZ in an S13, although under closer inspection one would discover it is a fully built race car capable of everything from drift, to hill-climb and full bore circuit racing.
The owner has invested a lot of  funds, also a lot of his own time into the development of this beast.. including handling improvements, such as a full custom weld in 6 point cage, fully adjustable suspension and increased steering lock modifications and a near full race interior, just to name a few.

The fierce 1JZgte was built from the ground up here at Southside Dyno.
This package was custom designed to meet the customers requirements, capable of regular track punishment, whilst still being a reliable drivable  road-registered street car.

The build included, blue printing, aftermarket Conrods, Forged Pistons, Race rings and Bearings, An ATI Balancer, Crower Camshafts, Valve springs to Suit, Titanium retainers and locks, adjustable cam gears and MLS-R Gaskets Without going into too much detail.
Every part assembled, measured and final checked to assure absolute harmony in the Final Product.

All of this is brought to life and controlled by a  Link G4 Storm engine management system.
Fully stand-alone wiring system, which controls everything from the dashboard, to the MSD ignition system, multiple stage boost control and monitoring systems to prevent engine damage.
All fitted and tuned by the boys here at Southside Dyno

This Silvia easily punches out in excess of 450+rwhp on pump Gas on minimal boost, for countless laps of reliability and repeatable track performance without pushing any limits or needing a tow home.

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